Credence website
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Credence website

BuzzWords writes, designs, and develops websites. We can help you brand, refine, and specifically enhance your company messaging for a web visitor. Website content is more than simply what you say—your website should enhance your brand and your overall marketing plan. And web design is more than content—it's about the overall user experience. Design, navigation, organization, marketing strategies, product positioning, interactive technologies, visitor opt-in opportunities, and compelling, concise copy are all equally important. We strive for a web experience that is aligned with your company's overall positioning and business goals.
Credence is a major supplier of automated test equipment for the semiconductor industry. BuzzWords wrote the products section of their website. The copy goes beyond a mere features/benefit approach. We were focused on product re-positioning, and aligning a product's technical features with its ideal test scenario. BuzzWords worked closely with the marketing department and with the company's product experts to better align each product's technical advantages with the company's overall business goals. We were engaged in a highly structured approach that spanned the entire organization and an outside web development company.

Integrity Arts Website

Integrity Arts is a consulting and grant writing company for the arts. When Integrity Arts needed to update their website, BuzzWords consulted and developed a new website for them. Integrity Arts liked the look of their existing design, but they needed new functionality, wanted to integrate a new logo, and wanted the site developed in a way that would allow for easy updates and simple integration of web 2.0 features.

Dancin Divas Website

Dancin' Divas is an all-volunteer dance group for the LGBT community in Boulder, Colorado. Dancin' Divas asked BuzzWords to design, write, develop, and manage their website.
Please note: Credence has recently merged with another company, and unfortunately, their existing site no longer accurately reflects the writing and product navigation we created for them, so we have provided screen shots of their prior site to accurately show our work.

Bates Information Services Website

Bates Information Services is a world-leading business research company. Firm principal and founder, Mary Ellen Bates, is a "rock star" researcher who has written or co-written six books and approximately 300 articles on research and the information industry.

BuzzWords partnered with Bates Info to develop their brand, market their services, refine their messaging, position their products and, yes, also write, design, develop, and manage their website.

The Bates Information Services website integrates Ms. Bates' Twitter stream, her blog, two newsletters, and an online store. The site uses a simple, well-organized, drop-down navigation menu which allows the user to quickly get the info they want. The site's elegant banner and color scheme enhances both the brand and the user experience.